decorating rules are meant to be broken

note:  i took this photo from pinterest to illustrate my point.

today on my facebook newsfeed this article appeared:  '12 deadly decorating sins' by decorator kurt cyr.    well-- okay.  everyone likes these lists and design blogs of all kinds use them to raise readership.  HOWEVER...  lists like this strike me as narrow minded and bordering on mean.  it would have been a much better list had he slanted it slightly-- neglect of any space COULD be considered a sin,  but a built-in refrigerator or a look that is monotone look could not.  perhaps suggesting that people look at their spaces with intention-- with an awareness of what is looking unkempt or dated might have been a better approach?

in any case...

there has to be room in design for diversity-- for the fact that we are not all the same person and the same things do not make us all happy.

'12 deadly sins' suggests that if i don't paint my rooms in lots of different bright colors i will not be happy.   hmmmm--  the author has clearly not heard the hour long rhapsodies that my friend pat and i can get into over a new shade of white that one of us has discovered!  and while i love color of all kinds-- who is to say that it is not the monochromatic rooms that really make my heart sing?

and while dining rooms may be in poor demand these days in many homes-- who is to say that mine needs to have multiple uses?  perhaps my family eats there three times a day and we don't need the room for anything else?

and the 12th sin-- which cyr says is the most deadly:  'lack of wit'.  i am assuming the man means individuality, fun, play-- the sense that the space is made personal by its occupants rather than simply looking like a pottery barn catalog.  but really-- wit?  not all of us want our homes to be clever or funny.

just saying.

happy saturday!!




Carey Baker said...

Love it. Keep it up.

shopgirl said...

thanks! working on it...

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