brimfield antique show

this week we will be at the brimfield antique show-- considered to be the fourth largest flea market in the world.  we, along with about 5,000 other vendors will be selling our wares to tourists, passers-by, and other dealers.  holy cow!!

the preparation has been intense-- collecting all that stuff, planning how to pack it, transport it, and then display it; pricing everything; and then bringing all the other accoutrements of selling things-- including our little square register so we can take credit cards through our phones!  we were supposed to have a 20 X 20 foot tent and then found out last week that we only have a 10 x 20 foot tent.  hmmm.  but as we set up yesterday we decided that our little 10 x 20 is going to live very large this week-- and be just fine.

today will be another long day of preparations-- including what we have been told is a very busy traffic in sales among vendors-- and then tomorrow at dawn the market opens to the public!

come visit us this week!

sturdevant's north, #30 main street, brimfield.


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