moving again

i move a lot.  it just seems to happen.

perhaps it is my love of houses-- my interest in saving the unwanted, neglected homes-- perhaps it is just simply wanderlust.  but it happens.  every three to five years we find ourselves in the process of packing up and moving again.

a few weeks ago we started the process again-- making our little house sparkle as we got it ready to put it on the market;  culling our possessions-- making sure we are bringing only those items we truly love with us to our new home;  and planning renovations and necessary changes for our new house-- getting it ready for our arrival-- creating home.

moving seems to be easier for me than for most people.  i like the process-- i like giving our home one final big gift of love-- making it look the very best it can look before we pass it on to the next owners.  i like packing-- going through everything we own and getting rid of those things that are no longer useful or meaningful.  and i love imagining our lives in our new home-- thinking about where we will need to put new towel rods (i always manage to buy houses that don't have any towel rods!) and where we will put our clothes.  i would not want to move more often than i do-- i am very much a home-body and the process of nesting and settling in does not happen overnight for me.  but every few years feels comfortable.

plus there are all the before and after photos!  such fun!

this photo was taken in one of my earlier homes-- in the days AFTER we had moved out and left our home staged and on the market.  it was beautiful, wasn't it?

happy wednesday.



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