the big reveal

i often consult with people starting new retail businesses.  we talk about how to choose and order product, how to navigate town ordinances and commercial leases;  we talk about marketing and shop locations;  we talk-- sometimes more briefly than others-- about how to keep records so that filing business taxes is easy and straight forward.

all the same things i needed help with when we first started.

but really the truth is that we all learn best from experience-- and over time there are things we learn that there is no way to have known at the beginning.  life changes, there are ebbs and flows, and we adjust or change course as necessary.

8 years ago i began the process of creating 'the claw foot tub'.  my business partner was my lovely friend ariana-- and we worked tirelessly to create the look and feel of this place.  we were both in love with the name, the logo, the indian cabinets that held our fair-trade and local homewares.  we spent hours finding the best candles, glasses, quilts, and table runners we could find.  we laughed hysterically on road trips to visit our new vendors--  an amazing and wonderful journey in friendship and shop keeping.

eventually ariana had baby james and decided to be home with him full-time.  i adjusted-- i threw myself full-time into the business of making a living in retail during the early years of the recession, and life continued on-- and i gained the experience and knowledge that i now pass on to others.

now?  another round of change.   my very talented boyfriend has joined and added to the mix of what is now OUR little shop.  dean brings with him an eye for interesting vintage items-- antiques of the useful and re-purposed order and many more items geared towards 'man'-- beard oil and old printing presses and industrial stools.  we continue to spend hours finding what we think are the best mugs, duvet covers, and shaving accoutrements out there.  and we laugh-- hysterically-- driving all over looking for vintage finds.

the more things change the more they stay the same!

BUT this time around it has seemed appropriate to change the name of the shop to match the internal changes.


THIS is our new name, and our new logo.  over the next few weeks we are having our signs re-painted, new business cards made, and i have been hard at work on our new webstore.  ALL will be finished over the next month, but in the meantime be patient with our process.  some sites will keep the name 'the claw foot tub' a bit longer while some will switch to 'home and homme' almost immediately.

the shop itself?  essentially unchanged-- just added to.  there is more here, more to love, but still the same old 'tub underneath.

i like that.




eileen ruby said...

Congratulations! What a nice thing for our valley to reinvent yourself to be inclusive in this way. A warm welcome to all the hommes who love to sweeten up our hearths.

Amherst Dog Wash said...

Congratulations! Look forward to seeing the new sign, website, etc.

shopgirl said...

thanks for all your support!

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