kristin and robin are engaged!

i love stories.

people live amazingly interesting lives.  no matter how ordinary we all look from the outside-- we all have moments of wisdom, heartbreak, and incredible bravery that make the world the interesting place that it is.  i am not talking about sensationalist voyeurism-- i mean real people living real lives doing real every day things-- and telling their own stories.  good stories there.

kristin and robin are a young couple who have been coming to the shop once every week or two for a very long time.  both friendly and interested in what we do around here-- we have had many conversations over the years about our products, and where they come from and where they end up in their home. lots of stories!

kristin and robin also each have interesting personal stories-- stories of triumph and love where there might have been bitterness and defeat.  and together they are the sweetest, most earnestly good couple i know.  they always seem to see the bright side of any situation.  one day they bought a dining table-- a big round heavy table-- and carried it (by hand) home a distance of many blocks.  they were in such good humor and happiness to have found the right table there was no trepidation about the journey!

and as regulars to the shop over the last bunch of years they have seen us at our best AND our worst.  during our hardest moments they have been supportive-- steady in coming to the shop, steady in bringing family and friends to visit us.  i have felt so well cared for by this young couple!

so when kristin and robin came to the shop to tell me that they are engaged....  such merriment!

thanks for including me in your story, guys!

next up?  the wedding registry!!


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