HOME for sale... OURS!!

yup, we're moving.  just around the corner, but moving is still moving.

this house has been a wonderful little refuge for us.  sunny and bright, warm and cozy-- with gorgeous conservation land behind and within walking distance of both schools and the shop-- it has been a great place to live.  but our lives have changed and we need more room-- and an opportunity i could not pass-up has landed in our laps.

i never buy the houses that other people want.  i buy the lonely houses, the neglected and forlorn.  this house was no different when we bought it-- it had been on the market for nearly a year, looked kind of sad and forgotten, and was oddly chopped up inside without even a place for a refrigerator to go.  yet i knew we wanted it before we even stepped inside.

we bought it and set to work.  now it is a lovely little place-- bright sunny rooms that flow well from one to the next, AND a good place for the fridge.

after a beautiful five years, it is time to go!

the new house?  a place in infinite need of imagination and love!  pictures, of course, to follow.

happy saturday, people.



RaeG said...


RaeG said...


shopgirl said...

thanks!!! it is a big adventure!

Anonymous said...

you are really moving? you are staying in amherst, right? i still have dreams of living there! best wishes, isabel

shopgirl said...

thanks! yes-- staying in amherst. all good!

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