ancient housewares

as a child i thought that museums were full of these-- glass and ceramic pieces made two thousand (and more) years ago.  as my parents wandered the galleries and my brother and i followed behind it felt like an endless parade of old stuff.  beautiful old stuff, but anything endless just seems like too much!

these days i see this differently.  look at those pitchers and bowls-- two (plus) thousand year old GLASS.  imagine how fragile glass is.  imagine any of our pitchers and bowls being around in two thousand years!

i think about what it has taken for these items to survive this long.  they were made by hand thousands of years before machinery could replicate the hand.  they were individual pieces-- hand and mouth blown to the artist's idea of perfection.  i imagine that people treated their things more carefully than we do when things were not so easily replicated and replaced.  i imagine the vessels of daily life were treated with as much care as the food and water they carried.

what would our world be like today if all our household goods were still made by hand?


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