the year of fun

2014 has arrived and around here it has been dubbed 'the year of fun'.

most retailers are not big fans of january. a far cry from the excitement and merriment in the just- passed peak of our retail year! we are paying off whatever bills remained at the end of the last year, looking at the mountain of paperwork that accumulated during the busy fourth quarter, and spending our days in near silence in our quiet and somewhat forlorn post-holiday shops.  our biggest trade show is at the beginning of february-- so we are generally not even ordering much in january-- waiting to see what's new at the show. it is a little like waking up and surveying the house the morning after a huge party-- there is happiness that the party went so well, but man.... the mess!

for me?  january happens to be one of my favorite months in the shopkeeping year-- BECAUSE it is so  quiet.  i have time to re-arrange, to re-assess, to look at how we did last year and think about where we are going.  as an introvert and a naturally shy person i may not always be suited to the hustle and bustle of the busy retail seasons. i have learned how to adapt, how to thrive in all those wonderful holiday visits from old friends and new customers-- but january is the month i feel most happy and most myself.  i snuggle in with my tea and run numbers-- last year's sales and this year's projections-- getting the taxes done and organizing the design paperwork.  i love having the time to get behind everything in the shop  and clean.  i plan for new projects (i ordered the most beautiful handkerchief linen samples this week to see how it works for duvet covers!), and i just settle back in to my quiet shop keeping life.

how about you?  how is january treating you?

happy new year...


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