changes ahead...

i took this photo sometime in our first summer.  fairly early by the size of the plants in the window box. it has been nearly seven years since-- and there has been a lot of learning, a lot of growth, and a whole lot of change in that time.

and now-- more change is on its way!  the big changes have already been happening in the shop itself-- we have new product lines, a whole lot more vintage, and a definite concentration in some areas on "man product".  online we have started our new etsy vintage site "home and homme"-- the name chosen because it seemed to best reflect what we are doing.  the story of 'home and homme' from our etsy site:

in the dead of winter 2006 mary-moore opened her brick and mortar shop 'the claw foot tub' as a way to source the home products she loved most for her clients without running all over creation to do it. for years she sold ethically sourced housewares-- local, handmade, vintage, and fair trade. she sold block-printed quilts, hand-made pottery, beeswax candles, wooden kitchen utensils, white enamel cookware, and vintage furniture of all kinds. you never knew what you might find at 'the claw foot tub'.

and then mary-moore met dean-- an artist and photographer-- and jack-of-all-trades dreamer of good things. dean had been dreaming of a 'man shop' where he would sell vintage typewriters, just the right amount of taxidermy, wallets, flasks-- and beautiful german-made razors for shaving. a shop for men selling man things. he imagined it would be called 'claw'-- and be next door to 'the tub'-- a perfect compliment in style and substance.

and now-- we present 'home and homme'. still local, still handmade, still vintage, and still fair trade-- but with a perfect dose of 'man' thrown in for good measure.

stay tuned for more of this story... we are developing a whole new way of thinking about what we do-- a new website, new signs for the shop, and a new location for this blog.  fun stuff for the spring!

home and homme.


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