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it is that time of year again.  the time that in this area we start asking all our customers and friends to vote for us in the 'valley advocate's' reader's poll.  we very much appreciate your votes in "material world" (THE CLAW FOOT TUB) and "at your service" (marymoore DESIGN).

and a few thoughts...

i am always grateful for peoples' votes-- getting in those top three slots means a lot of publicity and potentially a LOT more business during the year-- the reason we all work so hard to get those votes!  and yet i am not a competitive person-- the more the merrier is always my motto-- and i believe strongly that together we will provide better product and better service than any of us in this valley can on our own.    

at THE CLAW FOOT TUB we specialize in local, handmade, and vintage items for the home (and homme!).  we have an eclectic, ever-changing mix of furniture, bedding, pottery, and table linens-- and items for 'HIM'.  and though we never think of ourselves as a gift shop-- people certainly come to us to buy presents for their friends and family.  in our design business, marymoore DESIGN, we work hard to make homes feel cozy and comfortable.  my design is all about light and air, form AND function-- and it tends to be very earthy and touchable.

and while i think we do a very good job in our particular niches-- we are not going to appeal to everyone.   i am aware that there are plenty of others in our field who do amazing work in their own niche-- and with whom we are not in competition but actually working together to provide the best products and services possible.  

so-- this year rather than plugging simply our own business i am going to plug a number of businesses that i think do really, really good work.  these are MY favorites-- but of course there are many more.  please check them all out-- and then vote for as many of them as you think appropriate.

jena, at PINCH,  offers gorgeous hand-picked, hand-made items for gift and home.  cathie, at THE BLUE MARBLE, has beautiful jewelry and fun colorful gifts for all ages.  in both williamsburg and lenox, kay, at B. MANGO AND BIRD, has an amazing collection of gifts and items for the home-- including beautiful furniture pieces from india.   louise, at THE TRADING POST  in south amherst, has the very best in vintage furniture finds.   bettina at BETTINA ARCHER INTERIORS  offers brilliant full-service design services for traditional/ transitional homes.  AMY WOOLF COLOR CONSULTING  provides top quality color consultations for walls, furniture, and more.  and rachael of NOVA DESIGN STUDIOS is the architect and furniture/lighting designer i choose every time.

each of us who own shops and work in the design fields offer something unique and wonderful to our customers and clients-- and together we offer a beautifully wide range of products and services that make us together infinitely better than any of us on our own.

so really-- it doesn't matter who you vote for-- just VOTE!


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