learning from our mistakes

as we enter the weekend before christmas i am aware that we are near the end of our shop year.  every year at this time i assess where we are-- did i meet my goals financially and creatively?  did the shop grow in ways that both increased sales and increased my happiness?  do i still like doing this whole shop thing?

this was our first full year in our 'new' location and i worked harder than i ever have before.  i love the space the shop has now, love our landlord, and i really want this thing to work.  it has been, in many ways, a truly great year.  HOWEVER--  if i am really honest i think i took on more than i really could handle.  there were too many tasks done without enough focus, too many follow-up phone calls not made-- in essence too many balls were dropped.

i am okay with admitting i am not perfect.  i do my best but at times i do take on too much, or i don't communicate well enough, or i just get too wrapped up in one project and neglect another.  this year, as i begin my annual looking back over the state of things around here i will take some particular time to look at those places where i was not as good as i could have been.

it is hard to look at the places that i have fallen short.  i do not beat myself up-- not much good in that-- but it is through being open to my shortcomings that i hope to make change that will make next year better.


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