honor among thieves

small, local retailers have a code of honor like any other group.  a set of unwritten rules that help us to treat each other with respect, kindness, and generosity.  at the very least we do our best not to carry the same things, not to undercut each other in our pricing, and we recommend each other to our customers.  

the very best retailers are those who are most generous with each other-- those who recognize that we are not in competition with each other, that we are-- in fact-- all in this together.  we support each other-- checking in with each other about everything from a local shoplifter to a change in vendor pricing to how to negotiate with our landlords.  we coach each other on how to handle tricky situations, how to juggle the bills, and how to keep track of everything for our taxes. we cheer each other on in our successes, and are there to help during times of crisis.

today a special thank you to cathie, jena, liz, louise, matthew, emily, cathy, genie, karna-- all of whom have contributed to my shopkeeping quality of life at some point or another in very positive ways...



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