good to be home

this time of year i am more aware than ever of my community.  the customers, clients, and friends-- the people who make it possible for me to do what i do every day-- stop by the shop to do their holiday shopping, or just to wish us 'happy holidays'.   friends who work in other local establishments-- the restaurants, the clothing shops, the local pub-- come to buy presents for their families-- and it is the one time of the year that i routinely get to wait on them rather than them waiting on me.  my daughters take on extra tasks in the shop-- making linen tea towels or taking photographs of products to put on the webstore.  molly and i drink lots of chai and knock out paperwork and sweep the floor between visitors-- and it is all very festive and nice.

we are a family business, a community based business, and-- as always-- we are centered on home. 

thanks, all.


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