'wade in the water'

there is a song by SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, 'wade in the water'.  in her introduction to this song bernice johnson reagon, civil rights activist and founder of the group, will often say some version of...

"And when there is a promise of a storm, if you want change in your life, walk into it. If you get on the other side you will be different. And if you want change in your life and you're avoiding the trouble....you can forget it. So Harriet would say, wade on in the water; it's gonna really be troubled water."

we all face hard moments in life-- moments of indecision, moments when we have to look at ourselves and our lives in ways that are just not that comfortable.

last year at the shop we went through a moment of indecision-- a period where it was unclear what the future would hold, where we would move to, and if the shop would even continue.  in that most painful moment we found courage to keep going, to look hard at what really mattered to us-- and ultimately to find a place to move to, and to find people who would support us in that change.  now-- as i look around my very full and very happy shop-- it all seems very clear that it was worth it.

today i want to encourage all of us to take courage-- find a way to wade in the water so that there can be hope of reaching the other side.


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