still ethically sourced... after all these years

it has been almost five years since we made the decision to only sell products that are local, fair trade, and environmentally friendly.   that decision came at the start of the worst recession our country (and planet) has ever seen.  we recognized that, as retailers selling products for the home, we had a responsibility to change the way we did business- and to suggest that our customers change the way they buy-- so that we could be part of changing the corporate/ consumer tide that created this recession to begin with.  as the recession deepened, we became more committed than ever to selling products that supported our neighbors, our friends-- companies doing the right thing for the earth and her people-- and ultimately ourselves.

this week we are proud to add CHEMEX to our list of vendors-- a small company in pittsfield, ma, also committed to supporting their local economy by keeping their manufacturing in massachusetts, using exclusively environmentally friendly materials to produce absolutely gorgeous coffee making equipment-- just as they have for nearly seventy years.

shop local.  shop fair trade.  put your money where your heart is.


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