renovating bathrooms

yesterday a client was pretty excited when i said that we could save the cabinets in his kitchen-- with paint and new knobs make them feel like brand-new.

so many times we think we need to pull everything out of a bathroom or kitchen to renovate, update, and make them feel new.  and yet there are so many reasons not to do so!  the cost to the environment of adding to the landfill, buying and shipping new cabinets, etc....  enormous.  the cost to our wallets of replacing everything in a bathroom or kitchen... enormous.  AND  so much of the time the cabinets, at least, that we are moved to remove are actually better quality than what is made now and therefore infinitely better to save them!

this bathroom is a great example:  1972 original bathroom updated with tile floor, new vanity top to replace peeling vinyl, simple new low-flush toilet, new light fixture, new mirror, new faucet-- but original cabinet, simply sanded down and refinished to look like new!

good save.


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