pre-holiday house keeping

thanksgiving is coming quite late this year, and we are already having visits from holiday shoppers.  every year at this time i am busy getting the shop ready for its busiest season of the year-- cleaning behind the scenes, getting in plenty of bags and tissue for wrapping, checking with the people who work with me about their availability around the big weekends.  and-- of course-- i have been ordering product for this time of year since late august.

i would like to suggest that our homes could use some attention at this time of year as well.

take a breath before the busy season is really upon us to look at the state of your bathroom cabinet, your mudroom closet, your kitchen pantry.  are things in order?  are there gooey messes where the contact lens fluid spilled months ago?  can you find the things that you will need for cooking holiday meals or are they buried beneath barbeque equipment?  are your mittens paired and your hats accessible?

take a little time now to make your life easier and less hectic over the next couple of months.  you will be glad, i promise.


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