settling in to a space

after a move-- or a major renovation-- there is a lot of settling in to do.  the major pieces of furniture have to be put in place, the books placed in the bookcases, the lamps put where they are most useful.

but once everything is put away again it takes a long time for everything to really find its place.  all the little pieces have to be sifted through-- and maybe the sofa would actually be better on THAT end of the living room-- and lived with until it all feels right.

i tell my clients to expect it to take at least a year for their space to feel like home.

in the shop this is no different.  after a major re-arranging of furniture and product it takes weeks for things to all find their places and for the shop to 'feel right' again.  but when it is right it is really, really right-- like today!

come visit.


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