bathroom design

bathrooms are not easy to design.  they need to feel spacious-- and yet too spacious and they do not feel like a room to get naked in (designers don't often say that out loud, but we all know it to be true).  they need to have 'work stations' just like a kitchen-- one or more sinks, a place to bathe, a toilet.  they need to have quite a bit of a particular kind of storage-- a place for electric toothbrushes to be stored AND plugged in, for example.

i tend, when there is room, to design bathrooms that have little alcoves for various activities.  i want a sense of space, and enough room for multiple people to use the room at once, but i also want each space to feel enclosed and safe.  i want there to be as much natural light in the room as we can get.  and i tend to choose visual and physical texture over strong colors in the permanent materials-- and put more color into the textiles that decorate the room.

and most of all i want a bathroom that will stand the test of time and not look dated in ten years.  this bathroom is ten years old....  can you tell?


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