living simply

i sell beautiful things but it is not my aesthetics that drive what i do in the world.  these days my politics are at the core-- every day.

my issue-- of course-- is about the ways in which our north american consumer culture drives the 'ills' of our world: the environmental damage we are causing to our planet; the exploitation of large numbers of people for the benefit of others;  the wars based on control of natural resources (the resources that power our computers and iphones, for example) that ravage whole nations of people; and the emptiness and lack of community we feel as individuals on a daily basis-- all of these are the result of our current consumer culture.

amazingly this can all be solved fairly simply:  think about your 'footprint'.

in north america most of our footprints-- the amount of our planet's resources it takes to power a person's lifestyle-- are much larger than our planet can support.  we live in houses that need enormous amounts of natural resources;  we buy food that comes from other parts of the globe, that is made of genetically modified plants, and that is filled with chemicals (antibiotics, pesticides) that cause us and the planet to be sick;  and we buy consumer goods in such quantities that we are forced to buy bigger houses, rent storage units, and ultimately to fill landfills with all our stuff.

we are killing ourselves and our planet with this way of life.

the only answer that will save us is if we learn to reduce our individual footprints:   we have to learn to live with less.  we have to learn to buy our food locally and to be okay with not eating food that is out of season or cannot be grown in our region.  we have to learn to buy only the household items and clothing that we really need-- and then to buy as sustainably as possible.  we have to learn that just because we can afford to buy the latest computer gadget does not mean that we actually have to go out and buy it.

because each purchase that we make-- no matter how small-- has an impact on our planet and its people.  each purchase that we make has an impact on us.

think about it.



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