when your children are not well....

the month of july has been a tough one for my family.

my youngest daughter started with what seemed like a flu-- a flu that then did not end and that brought with it high fevers for weeks, serious fatigue, an enlarged liver and spleen, and blood work that suggested that something just was not right.  we saw doctors who poked and prodded her for several weeks for some clue of what was going on.  my days were close to impossible to schedule-- the doctors called each morning to tell me the results of yesterday's tests and to tell me where to be and at what time for today's tests.  i will admit i worried.  i watched my daughter lose weight she could not afford to lose.  i watched her sleep and have no interest in activities outside her little sphere.  i read the test results for each round of tests and tried (with no possibility of success) to interpret them.  i was an information gatherer, knowing that we might well be dealing with an illness for which there was not going to be a name-- but that that might be preferable to some of the well known names that were being suggested to us.

i imagined being the parent of a seriously ill child-- a role i have not previously had to take on-- and i was afraid.

and then, just as easily as it started, we had a diagnosis of something quite manageable and my younger daughter began to feel better.  she looked better, she had energy she had not had.  the relief was enormous.

until we got the call from my older daughter-- away for the weekend on a trip to the maine coast with her best friend's family-- a call that had me in the car and driving north within five minutes.  my older daughter had jumped from a pier into the water-- a place where island kids for generations have leapt into the deep, cold ocean with abandon and joy-- only to fall in just the 'right' way to break her back.  as i drove i made phone calls, found out where the nearest emergency room was, asked the parents in charge to get an emt to examine her-- the miles and hours flew by and we arrived just in time to meet the ferry that delivered my injured daughter to me-- and allowed me to get her to medical care.     i spent two out of the next three nights sleeping in chairs in emergency rooms;  four days getting used to two different hospital's routines;  and i spent those days being thankful.  it was a bad break, but my daughter has no neurological damage.   she has full range of motion, full control of her body.  she will spend the next several months in a back brace-- but she will probably not be needing surgery.  it is the very best of what it could be.

today with both my girls home and safe i am grateful-- grateful that though this has been a rough month for us we are all still here.  grateful that our worst fears were not realized.  grateful to be healing.  grateful to be home.

i hope you are all well, too!



Michaella Morzuch said...

Thinking of you and your family! Be well.

shopgirl said...

thanks, michaella! hope you are well, too!

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