white on white

i have been a fan of the color white for as long as i can remember.  when i was younger i was drawn to white forms, white rooms, white paint-- but i somehow thought that i should not indulge in what somehow to me seemed bland and boring.  i thought i should push myself into the adventure of color.

as i have grown older i have come to recognize the nuances of white.  in any color there are variations-- there is no 'gray',  there is no 'blue'.  all  colors have other colors in them, and depending on our eyes and the light around the color any gray will look more green, more blue, or more brown.  any blue will look more purple, more green, or more gray.

and any white?  more yellow, more gray, more blue, more green, more pink....  you get the idea?

white holds all the other colors in the most beautiful way.   not boring at all.


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