life focussed work

i often have people telling me what they think i should do with my business.  they are well-meaning, well-intentioned people who want to see me succeed.  they tell me that i need to move my business to a better location (either in an area with more traffic locally or to another more urban location).  they tell me what things to sell ('fair trade is all well and good but you need to get some money going').  they are not typically people who know anything about the actual working of my business, and they generally have not seen my financial records-- but because my business looks different from other businesses they know that something is going on that perhaps needs to be fixed.

here's the thing:

i have very consciously created my business to work just the way that it does: to have my business revolve around my life rather than my life revolving around my business.  there have been years of trial and error to get to where i am-- years of trying to do things the way other people do them, years of learning what it is that i need, years of financial and emotional ups and downs-- none of which has been easy.  but what i have been clear on consistently is that i just can't do things the way that other people do them-- as hard as it might be i have to find my own path.

the amazing thing-- as we settle in after the move and the pieces all come back to fit together-- is to see it actually working.  my happiness is profound.

thanks for all the support, peeps.


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