interior design for the 98%

a friend told me recently about reading a magazine in which a designer admitted to having to reach out to the 2% (instead of just the 1%) in order to make money during the recession.


well, okay.  historically design services have been seen as exclusively available to those with a lot of money.  some designers, even now, often talk about 'good' jobs as being those in which the client has plenty of money to do what we want them to do.

and yet the vast majority of designers in this country are part of the 99%.  we drive older cars, work very long hours, and do what we can to make ends meet.  design, after all, is a service industry job.

i work for people in a wide range of income brackets.  i find ways to make things happen on tiny budgets, and i work as hard to save money for my wealthiest clients as well.  good design has nothing to do with how much money a client has.  good design is about finding what works best.

to me good design is a necessity, not a luxury.  we all need beautiful spaces to live and work.  we all need our eyes to light on a beautiful detail, a soothing color.  we need our fingers to be happy touching our bedding,  our minds to be inspired by our surroundings.  very little of that has anything to do with money.

design for the rest of us.


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