how to paint a floor

this is a painted floor.  underneath is marmoleum, but you can paint wood, concrete, vinyl-- more or less anything.

start with a clean bare floor.  and i mean clean-- vacuum several times, mop several times.  then use a 'wax remover' to take off any sealant that the floor might have.  a good paint job is all about the preparation.

fill any holes, cracks between the floor and the baseboard-- any place that needs a little attention to smooth out the rough edges.  give the whole floor a light sanding.   now-- depending on the flooring-- prime the floor with a good primer/sealer like BIN.  this will seal any knots in wood flooring.

finally it is time to paint!  paint one coat of good floor paint (better if it is oil based) over the entire floor. you can choose any color and the staff at the paint store can mix it for you.  now let it dry.  do not walk on it for 24 hours-- and in the first few days only walk on it with bare feet.  no shoes!  three days later put on the second coat-- let it sit for as long as you can.  two to three weeks is ideal-- in truth it will take that long for the paint to really dry, and giving the paint the time it needs to really cure is the best way to ensure a long lifetime for your painted floor!

if you are painting a pattern on your floor-- that is the next step.  for this floor i measured 18" squares, drew them out on the floor, and taped the borders of the squares i was not going to add the second color to.  paint two coats-- let dry for several weeks.

the final coat should be a good polyurethane.  choose the oil - based paint for the best, long lasting finish.

two to three weeks alter-- move your furniture back in!

a long tedious process but well worth it!!

happy monday.


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