much of life, much of how we approach life and view life and deal with life-- is about habit.  are we always late?  habit.  do we always make the bed?  habit.  do we feel confident setting limits for our children? habit.  do we allow people to walk all over us?  habit.  are we extremely well organized?  habit!

here's the thing:

being conscious of our habits and intentionally creating habits in our lives that help us rather than hinder us can only do us good.  i have the habit of getting up at 5am, for example.  i have about an hour to myself before my children get up.  i used to use this time frantically-- i felt that i had this one precious hour to focus on getting things done!  i would try to catch up on emails, try to check the bank account balance and pay a few bills-- but what i realized that it left me feeling frazzled before my day even started.  in that hour before my children get up i didn't really have time to deal with those things properly (they still need attention-- just at a different time of day when i really have time to address them).  AND there were things getting left undone that bothered me-- my dishes were not done, my bed not necessarily made, my laundry in ever growing piles.

so?  i have changed my habits.  that hour first thing in the day is lovely time to give to myself and my children by focusing on our home.  an hour of home keeping is a lot of time actually-- the laundry, the dishes, the floors-- all get cleaned and sorted as i drink my tea first thing in the morning.  no big chore-- just habit.  

and coming home to a tidy house at the end of a long work day?



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