working space

i have a lot of friends in the design fields-- architects, interior designers, interior architects, landscape architects, graphic designers-- and web designers.  we often work alone, and we often like to visit with each other and talk 'shop'.

a common theme in our chatter is our workspace.  some of us love the space we have-- an extra bedroom or the stair landing in our home, a little building behind our house heated with a wood stove, or a beautiful rented studio with high ceilings and big windows and lots of light (even if it's cold in the winter).  some of feel that we have the space we need-- the right number of tables, the right lighting--

others of us don't.  because we work alone we often find ourselves working at coffee shops and lunch places-- anywhere with enough of a table for a laptop and a good internet connection-- and people around.  we may not be interested in talking to the people around us, but we need to feel surrounded by human energy to do our work.

i am still in the process of establishing my workspace-- after our move and then adding additional space a few months later i feel like i have a lot of room.  i am slowly figuring out where i like to be in it, what table space and stool i am happiest with, and how to have the space i need to juggle the work of both the shop and the design business.  i like to be near the windows, i like to have lots of room to spread out all my papers, and i like to have space to put all the information i need close at hand.  fabric samples, paint samples-- and my little scribbled notes about everything.

it is a puzzle.

happy wednesday!



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