voting for what we believe in

i spent last friday night with an amazing group of women:  WAND-- Women's Action for New Directions (formerly Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament)-- a 40 year old national feminist peace organization still going strong.   it was a wonderful evening celebrating 20 years of the leadership of executive director susan shaer-- an evening filled with warmth, feminist ideology, and messages of determined action for peace.

WAND holds their annual meeting every year on mother's day weekend-- as a women's peace organization it is only right that they celebrate julia ward howe's original message behind what she called 'mother's peace day'-- calling for mothers to work for peace.

over the evening there were several speakers raising awareness of a variety of peace-related issues affecting women-- what is happening in our national budget (and how much of it is spent on war), what is happening for women in other countries (including countries that we are bombing), and how do we create change that will truly lead to nuclear disarmament internationally?

during these moving talks i was also thinking about the women's issues in my own sphere of particular interest.  issues of material goods and consumerism.  i was thinking about how easy it is-- when looking at international issues of peace and war and nuclear weapons-- to think that choosing housewares is a petty, minor thing.

and yet for me-- of course issues of fair trade and ethically sourced products are central.

look at it this way-- we have two ways we can vote in our current system:  we can vote at the ballot box and we can vote with our money.  i have come to think that, like my ballot,  my money is too valuable to waste in voting against my principles.

how about you?


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