the process of working with a designer

let's start with with the idea that every designer works differently.  we have similarities, but we are different people and we have different personalities and we have different training.  a good designer is the one who fits best with you-- who speaks in language you understand, who you feel most comfortable with, who seems to understand what your vision is for your home.

i meet with my clients initially and we have a long conversation about their home.  i want to know where the problems are AND what is working.  i then go away and a several week to several month process of creating a design ensues.  we might send photos and links to websites back and forth by email, or we might meet several times and look at photos and paint colors and fabric samples, or we might go out to furniture stores or home design centers-- but what i am doing in that process is figuring  out what my client responds to.  which materials, colors, shapes, etc.  make my client say 'yes!'.  

'cause that's what i am going for-- the plan for the space that makes my client feel the most happy.  with every client the process is a little different-- some clients need significant time between visits to process their decisions.  some clients want a design in a few days and can make very quick decisions.  some clients want more guidance from me, some less-- but  my mission is to create a design that is at its core truly my client's design-- a design that truly represents who they are, how they live, and what they want in their space.


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