the luxury of hot water

i recently lived for a week in a place that did not have running hot water.  we had to heat water for bathing and washing dishes over the stove or campfire.  upon arrival i will admit to having been a little bit dismayed-- this felt like a little too much work.  and yet after the first day or so-- after i got in the rhythm of what to do while i was heating water and how hot to make the water and how to manage bathing with just a large bowl of hot water (in a bathroom)......  it was all really fine.  i felt as clean as if i had taken my shower, and being more involved in the process of my bath was kind of relaxing and nice.  not work after all.

in north america we live with luxury every day that we don't even consider luxury.  being able to turn on a faucet and have steaming hot water come out-- more or less instantly-- is really and truly not a necessity.  in domestic situations our hot water cost (the energy it takes to heat our hot water) is our third biggest use of energy-- after heating and cooling our homes.

something to think about....


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