on being a single mom AND an entrepreneur

yesterday a client/ customer told me-- after we had chosen paint colors for her new home and just before she was walking out the door-- how much she appreciates all i do AND that i am a single mom.   that hit home pretty nicely.

yes-- for the last seven years i have managed both my household and my business/es without benefit of a husband.  and yes-- at times it has been awfully hard.  there is a lot of juggling involved, a lot of putting my own needs on the back burner, a lot of making do when there just isn't enough money, energy, or time.

but really i don't see myself as having been alone through this.  i have what at times feels like a whole army of friends and family who make what i do possible.  wonderful, generous, kind people who help me through-- who support me with their money, their energy, and their time.  i am very well aware that i couldn't do it without all the people who carry me through.

thanks, guys!


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