i spend a lot of time thinking about home.  thinking about what makes a collection of rooms-- or a room-- feel like a home.  how to help people to feel more at home.  and how to make my own home feel right to me.

home is an intangible feeling-- an emotion of safety and certainty and love.  it is about the people we live and interact with, our pets, our houseplants, the things we have that were given to us by people we care about, the things that we have bought for ourselves on impulse one afternoon-- but none of these tangible things add up to home if they are not the RIGHT things.

i have clients who will sometimes tell me that they know that a certain table or a lamp is not RIGHT.  i will remind them, sometimes gently, sometimes more firmly, that there is no RIGHT.  no WRONG either.  in our homes RIGHT is all about what feels good to us-- whatever some decorator magazines will tell you.  when creating home it is about choosing the objects, colors, and furniture that YOU love.

happy wednesday!


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