constructive creativity

creative people come in all shapes and sizes.  some of us are creative in ways that are wonderful to experience-- fine art, performance art, music-- all things that human beings cannot live without but which are not obviously useful or practical.  others of us are creative in more practical ways-- we design aerodynamic cars, windows that will withstand enormous changes in cold and heat, bridges that are beautiful AND that won't fall down.

my own creativity falls somewhere in between.  i sometimes spend inordinate amounts of time figuring out just the right shade of white to use on a wall.  or i obsess over choosing fabric to re-cover a chair-- all to create the sensual effect i am going for.  AND much of what i do is very practical-- i plan how kitchens need to go together to be ideally efficient.  i design cabinets and bookshelves that can hold my clients' well-loved objects.  i help my clients to plan additions that will really meet their space and use needs-- and that won't fall down.

it's a good life.


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