arne norell chairs

i have a very fun job.

on thursday i picked up a pair of chairs from a client-- she is ready to sell them to make room for other things.  thursday afternoon i spent some time looking for them online-- they are clearly high end chairs, clearly mid-century-- hoping to find the designer and some idea of price.  i found nothing.

friday morning i took this photo and texted it to two friends-- a furniture dealer and a design professional.  within two hours i had all the information i needed:  arne norell, swedish, 1960, $1200- $4000 each depending on condition and if the upholstery is original (which it is not).

in the meantime there was lively discussion among the three of us.  both my friends stopped in to see the chairs, all of us turning them upside down, looking for any tags, stickers, or signs of whether the upholstery was original or not.

it was a fun little mini-adventure.

i have the best friends....


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