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i recently wrote a post about 'living with less'-- in which i quote graham hill-- founder of 'sitewerks' and 'treehugger.com'.  hill writes about his material journey-- a journey that includes making a lot of money, acquiring a lot of stuff, and then dispensing of the stuff and living more simply.

as hill points out-- he got lucky in selling 'sitewerks' for a huge fortune when he was a very young man-- and was therefore suddenly able to see what life with a whole lot of stuff was like, live like that for a number of years,  and then realize that it caused him more stress than good. by his late thirties he decided to downsize his lifestyle.  

most of us spend our twenties and thirties trying to make enough money to own a home, purchase the things to fill it and the car to match.  by the time we are in our forties and fifties but we are often working too hard to notice that the fruits of our labors are taking more care and time than we might like. that owning a big house takes a lot of time in cleaning, maintenance, lawn-care. and that that time is doubled if you own more than one home.   cars also need constant maintenance.  so we wait to downsize until we retire-- because it is not until that point that we are clear that we no longer want the upkeep on the house and the yard, etc.

my question for my clients (and for myself)-- are you stressed by managing so much?  is your home running your life rather than you running your home?  that balance-- between having what you want/ need/ and love and having more than you actually want to manage-- is an important one.

happy tuesday!


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