bathroom design

bathroom design is not easy.

so many times we don't pay attention to the details.  we have a notion of things we want in the bathroom-- double sinks, a separate shower and tub, a certain color or tile finish-- but we don't think about the house surrounding this bathroom.

bathrooms should match their houses in scale and proportion.  big bathrooms make sense in big houses-- small bathrooms in small houses, and so on.  materials and color also need to be dictated by the house-- is it a 150 year old house?  a contemporary house?  use wood in the old house, shiny fun tiles in the new.   match the colors to the overall color-world of the house-- a bathroom can be a fun place to punch up the color-- but it still needs to fit with the rooms around it.

and, above all, don't try to keep up with the jones'-- they don't really exist anyway.

happy thursday!


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