systems of organizing

here's the deal....  in the last couple of months my design business has exploded.  not literally-- there are no body parts anywhere-- but i have never been busier.  THIS is a good thing.  for the clients i have been working with over the last couple of months, however-- it may have been a little bit rough.

all the sudden having several times as much work has meant a re-organization of my systems of keeping track of things, keeping up with things, and finding ways to get everything done in a timely manner.  so far, so good-- very little has completely fallen through the tracks-- but it has taken some fast thinking to keep it that way!

i am not a computer person.  i have, at times, kept the shop books on the computer, for example-- but it hasn't really worked for me.  i like ledger books-- long (and growing) lists of income and expenses and some place to enter a daily balance-- work for me.  all visually easy to see and on the same page.  in the design business i have found i need the same kind of system-- a place to write out everything i have to do, what hours i spend working for what client, how much things cost (paint samples, etc.) and what i am earning.  all of it needs to be written out in such a way that i can see it all at once and therefore can keep track.

how about you?  what systems work for you?

happy monday!


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