small bathrooms

this bathroom-- essentially 5' x 8'-- was the standard size for a bathroom in this country for most of the last 75 years of bathroom building.  small by today's standards, these small bathrooms still pack a great punch-- in efficiency and style.  there is not a lot of wasted floorspace.  and there is plenty of opportunity to splurge on special materials-- because you won't need a whole lot! small bathrooms feel private, safe, and comfortable.  they tend to be warmer than larger bathrooms-- a plus when you are wet from the shower.

have one of these?  tell us about it?



Sophia said...

i have one of these small bathrooms! my house was built around 1900 and is 1,000 sq feet, so it fits. we still have room for a nice big soaking tub, and plenty of storage space in the form of floor to ceiling built-in shelves between the toilet and door. it needs updating, but i love the small size! i grew up sharing one bathroom with 2 brothers and both of my parents, so anything bigger would just feel huge.

shopgirl said...

thanks, sophia! yes-- a lot can be packed into the small space!

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