different stores having all the same stuff

it is part of my job to know what's out there-- what's available in the home furnishings world-- so that i can pass that information on to my clients.  so i pay attention.  i notice chairs, lamps (just saw a great one at 'crate and barrel'-- the 'ida' table lamp), rugs, sofas, plates, bowls-- especially bowls-- and all sorts of other great things.

AND THEN THERE ARE TIMES when i have to find the RIGHT chair, lamp, or sofa...  something that both my client and i can imagine, but that i might spend hours and hours looking for-- online and in the real world-- and not be able to find.  now THAT's frustrating.

the truth is that our material world-- our consumer world-- is dictated by a few massive corporations.  they decide for us what this season's trends are-- what kinds of things are going to be popular in the next few months.  and then ALL the retailers buy more or less the same stuff-- trying to ride the trends and make more money.  SO all the stores have more or less the same things, though in slightly different versions.


and frustrating when trying to find that particular something that you know is out there, but isn't currently trendy.


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