defining style

the other night at our monthly 'art walk' opening night, a discussion of my design style emerged.  how do we define this thing that i do?  i did not have a good answer, but sandy ross, whose photographs we have this month, came up with a few ideas sent to me by email the next day.  she wrote,

"I had some fun thinking more on the topic of your style, as I observed it in your "design boutique"...and came up with some possibly apt words...

Innovative - and still fresh and warm (sounds a little like hot cross buns). 
Harmonious, with pleasing contrasts (sounds a little like fashion of the 80s)
Simultaneously sophisticated and soothing (sounds a little like acupuncture)
Light and clean; delightfully relaxed and inviting (sounds a little like a room at the NYC Hilton) 
Keen sense of well crafted details set apart by chic color elements (sounds a little like a Martha-Stewart wannabe) 
Character derived from beautiful use of cool, comfortable colors with warm, inspired accents (sounds a little like something from an ad in the 60s)
Warmly urbane (sounds just too obscure)"

sandy, thank you!!!  i think these are all wonderful!  and funny, too.

come see sandy's work this thursday for our march art walk!  5-8pm.


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