i have been in love with textiles since i was a very young woman.  i had very little money but i would figure it out.  i would search and search until i found a remnant of linen-- something that the fabric store though not worth much-- that met my needs and that i could afford.  i would not stop seeking until i found the perfect color or pattern, traipsing all over the city (i used to live in chicago) on foot looking at bedding.

these days i sell bed linens, and ask anyone who knows me-- i love them.  i love their softness and their color, the weave and pattern of the cloth.  i have set myself the extra task of buying and only linens that are fair trade, locally made, and/ or organic.

today i am sewing two duvet covers to sell in the shop.  soft linen and with a little cotton velvet as an accent.

i love my life.


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