before i owned a shop in which i sell soap (among other things) i didn't get excited about soap.   i only knew about three basic kinds of soap-- soap that you can buy at the grocery store-- much of which has a lot of toxic stuff in it and can be really hard on your skin; soap that you can buy at department stores-- much of which is scented with manufactured chemical scents that irritated my sensitive skin; or soap from the natural foods store-- soap with good ingredients but that was not particularly exciting.

my wonderful business partner taught me about good soap.  she taught me about a fourth category-- a group of small-batch soaps made for generations in france, or turkey, or lebanon, or england, or by new companies in maine or california-- beautiful, luxurious, naturally scented, good-for-you-and-the-planet soaps that will change your whole outlook on life.

it has been almost seven years now and i keep finding great new soap.  like these-- made in california and way beyond yummy.

a very fun part of my day.


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