doing the dishes

my sink is generally pretty clean.  at some point in a given day i get all the dishes done, but it may not be after every single dish is used that it gets washed.  i am okay with that.  i take care of the dishes as i have time and as needed.

last week my daughters and i were on vacation with our extended family-- in a place that we did not have a dishwasher.  i was often the person doing the dishes for all nine of us at the end of the evening-- and the first night i felt some trepidation when faced with the enormous stack of dirty plates, bowls, and glasses, and pots and pans covering the counter.

but i learned.

washing the dishes by hand when you are on vacation is meditative, pleasant time.  it might include nice conversation with whoever is doing the drying, or it might be quiet, solitary time.  it does not take long-- in ten or fifteen minutes the dishes were all done, and the kitchen cleaned up.  it did not feel like much of a chore at all.

but the key is the vacation part.  having all the time in the world to take care of household necessities changes everything.


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