working with clients

in the last fifteen years or so, many many clients have invited me into their homes-- my accountant and business advisor might tell me that i should have some idea how many clients i have seen in that time-- but i literally have no idea.  hundreds, anyway.  each time i am either a total or a virtual stranger-- and each time i am welcomed and honored with my client's trust in their home.

i have written before about how intimate the process of working on someone's house can be-- we truly may not have ever met, and yet now, on an initial visit,  i am in their house, looking at their things, and discussing the way that they live their lives.  and yet in order for me to really help we have to do this intimate thing.  i have to ask those questions and they have to help me to understand what the issues are and how i can best help.

so-- i get the tour of the whole house,  and i ask my client to talk the whole time about what is working and what isn't.   i take pages and pages of notes and i ask a lot more questions.  questions about lighting and use and where do they sit to eat, to read, to watch movies.  who sleeps where and how does it work.  who works where and how does it work.  and are a couple both in the bathroom at the same time?  are their schedules such that one can get in and do what she needs while the other is elsewhere?  how about the closets-- is there enough room for all of their clothes?  is one partner using the closet down the hall?

because frankly making a space beautiful is the easy part-- making a space really work for its particular inhabitants is the real goal.

thoughts for the day....


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