older women

i am volunteering my time for a fundraiser put on by the 'amherst club' every year-- 'love notes'-- a valentine's themed banquet and silent auction to benefit the many community organizations that the amherst club supports.

the great thing for me is that i have gotten to work with a number of women who are some number of decades older than i am.  women who have experience in the world and who are now retired.  women who remember what it was like to be my age-- to have youngish children still at home, to be working hard trying to succeed at something that really matters to me.  they are supportive and kind.  and they have time to do the work of this enormous event!

and-- every now and then-- one of the women i am working with makes a little comment along with a little wink-- and i know that she completely understands where i am in my life.  it is refreshing and fun.

i hope i am half as wise by that age as they are.

thanks for including me, ladies.


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