letting go

i live in a college town and across the street from me is a house that rents, some years, to college students.  this year there are three students living there-- two boys and a girl-- and they seem friendly and nice.

our first big snow this year did not happen until after christmas-- and only one of the students was home.  he was out bright and early shoveling-- the sidewalk, the area around the mailbox, and enough of the driveway for him to get his car in and out.  his buddy's car was left uncovered-- snowed in on all sides-- but his buddy is clearly not returning until the semester starts at the end of january.

i thought, 'well, that's a mistake.  as the snow builds up over the next few weeks that other guy is going to have a devil of a time getting his car out.'

and then-- a few day later-- we had a thaw.  the snow melted off the other car.  it was still surrounded on all sides by snow on the driveway-- but it was uncovered.

then we had more snow.   and then another, longer and warmer, thaw.

by yesterday afternoon that other car was completely free of snow.

the student who had originally shoveled had done exactly what had needed to be done-- he has shoveled what he needed to shovel for his own needs-- and left the other guy to his own devices.

and it all worked out in the end.



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