house pictures

this picture was taken about ten years ago in my kitchen.  at that point in my life i had two young daughters, a part-time gig teaching about race at the university of maine, and a part-time design business helping people with their houses.  i was home a lot with my daughters.

when i am home a lot my house gets clean.  it just does.  i like it tidy and clean and if i have the time it gets that way without a whole lot of thought.  i did not clean before taking this photo, for example.  i just liked the light, picked up the camera, and took the picture.

these days i just don't have time for this level of tidiness.  i wish i did-- but the reality is that i am either at the shop, at a client's house, at the tile store (or some other important supplier of house-related  products), or having tea with a friend.  my time at home is spent with my daughters-- and though we keep our house clean enough-- our time together is too precious for housekeeping perfection.

that can come again later.


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