change for the good

the last year was a rough one for me-- personally and in my business there just kept being road-blocks that i could not seem to find a way around.  one event after another presented themselves in ways that caused me worry, stress, angst, and uncertainty.  it felt, at times, like i was in some sort of quicksand-- my struggles against the quagmire only caused me to sink deeper.  my efforts to regain the course i thought i should be on only left me exhausted.

i often write that the one thing we can count on is change-- and about my strong belief that inevitably that change will lead to good-- EVEN in those very worst moments in life that at the time seem un-survivable.  we just have to keep going, keep feeding ourselves and our children to the best of our ability, keep going to work and  taking care of business, keep reaching out to others to affirm our own humanity-- and ultimately things will change for the better.  there is no knowing ahead of time what that change will be, and there is no way to direct it-- but it will come.

just like the sun comes up in the east.

it is feeling like the sun is coming up on my little world in a very positive way these days, and i am grateful.  grateful for change, grateful for the people who have carried me through this rough patch, and grateful to see another day.

happy saturday!


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