weekend projects

christmas is over and the company has all gone-- it is a GREAT weekend to paint the bathroom-- something i have been wanting to do for YEARS.   i am not kidding-- my current bathroom has the peach paint it had when i moved in-- not a color i HATE, but definitely not in my palette.  

bathrooms are easy to paint-- aside from the tedious parts of taking down all the towels racks, etc. off the wall first-- bathrooms are usually small-ish without too many huge windows.  everything is reachable thanks to the counter, and it is easy to get the whole thing done in a weekend.  i recommend  using 'bathroom paint'-- a paint with an extra ingredient to help it protect your walls from moisture.  it is also really thick paint-- which will help you to cover whatever you are covering with fewer coats.  AND-- painting the bathroom is a great excuse for clearing out old stuff from the bathroom cabinets-- dispose of old medicines, bath products, and make-up so that your bathroom is fresh and new all the way through.

i am going to get right to it....

as soon as i finish shoveling the snow outside.


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