shop friends

i went to a funeral this morning.  janet bloom died a week ago as a result of a car accident.  she was my friend.

i meet all kinds of people in my work.  over the years many, many of the people who come in my shop have become my friends.   sometimes we don't see each other that often, sometimes we see each other a lot.  sometimes we end up seeing each other outside of shop hours, sometimes we only see each other in the shop.  sometimes people come in to my shop with fun news-- news of a new baby in the family, good news after some medical testing.  and sometimes they come with the painful parts of their lives-- their losses, struggles, and grief.  sometimes we have tea.  often i get teary.  we share our lives-- one human being to another-- in this point of connection between us.

janet was no different.  she started stopping by after her workout on saturday mornings.  we went through the ends of our marriages during the same period-- and she stopped by every week and we talked through all the details.  she was understanding of my pain.  i was understanding of hers.  she wore pink-- like a tropical flower-- and lipstick and beautiful hats.  she was funny and sometimes silly-- but always kind.  at some point she brought me two dozen of the most beautiful white roses i have ever seen.  i appreciated that woman.  

janet's service was beautiful.  her two young adult sons spoke eloquently about their mother.  the priest acknowledged that the last few years have not been the easiest time in her life.  the church was packed with hundreds of people-- all people whose lives had been touched by this beautiful woman.

i was grateful to be there.


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